Legendary Action: Draconic Fury

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This legendary action allows use of a dragon's breath weapon once per round as a free reaction.


The dragon can retaliate against an attacker with its breath weapon once per round.


Recharge: Per turn

Condition: Burning

Burning Burning

Duration: 2 turns

DC 17  Dexterity saving throw

  • Takes 1d4Damage TypesFire damage per turn.
  • Can be removed with the Help Help action, using a Healing Type Potion or gaining Wet Wet.
  • Immune from if Wet Wet.
  • Dip Dip action can be used on Burning characters and/or objects.

Condition: Legendary Action: Draconic Fury

Legendary Action: Draconic Fury Legendary Action: Draconic Fury
  • This great drake will use its Fire Breath Fire Breath on the next creature that attacks it.

How to learn

Used by creatures: Qudenos, and Dominated Red Dragon