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Dip is a common bonus action that allows the user to dip their weapons into a surface, causing them to deal extra damage.


Dip a weapon into a surface to alter the surface or enhance the weapon.

If you are dual-wielding, you dip both weapons.


Bonus action
 Range: 3 m / 10 ft

Condition: Dipped in Fire

Dipped in Fire Dipped in Fire

Duration: 3 turns

  • Weapon deals additional 1d4Damage TypesFire damage.

Condition: Dipped in Poison

Dipped in Poison Dipped in Poison

Duration: 3 turns

  • Weapon deals additional 1d4Damage TypesPoison damage.


  • Despite the tooltip description stating you can use the Dip ability to "alter the surface", this does not appear to be possible with any surfaces currently implemented.
  • The effect of dipping is similar to Coatings and mutually exclusive with them.
  • Some Coatings can be thrown on the ground to make a surface. This surface will persist between Long Rests
    • Dipping your weapon in the surface will give the coating effect.
  • Weapons can be dipped into any object with the Burning Burning Condition, including torches, candles, and burning party members. A character can carry burning objects such as torches, and drop them on the ground (which does not spend actions or bonus actions) just before dipping.