Looters' Trunk

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Looters' Trunk image

Looters' Trunk is a type of Static Clutter Container that can't be picked up or moved. Usually contains Consumables, Equipment, Miscellaneous items and other randomized common loot.

Description Icon.png
Dusty fingerprints mottle the exterior of this worn traveller's trunk.


Condition: Sturdy

Sturdy Sturdy

This material is rather strong. Only a hit that deals at least 10 damage can damage it.

Where to find

Found inside Refectory.

Passive Features[edit | edit source]

It has 25 Hit Points.

Damage TypesBludgeoningVulnerable
Damage TypesPiercingResistant
Damage TypesNecroticResistant
Damage TypesPoisonImmune
Damage TypesPsychicImmune
Damage TypesRadiantResistant