Nere's Head

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Nere's Head image

Nere's Head is a Story Item that appears in the quest Deliver Nere's Head.

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Prideful as he was in life, Nere is just like anybody else in death - mouth slack, eyes bulging, and flesh that is slowly starting to rot.


  • Miscellaneous Items
  • Rarity: Story Item
  •  Weight: 5 kg / 10 lb
  • Price: 1 gp
  • UID CINE_UNI_UND_MyconidRevenge_NereHead
    UUID 0e38339f-bf26-4218-95ba-a80fd3b5cb0e

Where to find

The player can only obtain this head by killing Nere during the quest Deliver Nere's Head. If Nere is killed using a method that destroys his body, such as shoving him into the nearby lava, his head will be destroyed and the quest failed.

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