Perfectly Balanced Strike

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Perfectly Balanced Strike is a weapon action granted by Belm.


Send Belm snaking out with an adder's speed, the very exemplar of swiftness embodied in steel.


Bonus action
Normal weapon damage
Attack roll
Range: Normal weapon range
Recharge: Per turn

How to learn

Granted by the items: Belm

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Variation of Dueller's Enthusiasm that allows you to make an "offhand-like" attack with Belm while it is in your main hand. The difference is that there are no restrictions on Belm's variation - Shields and offhand weapons don't disable the weapon action.
  • When Belm is equipped in the offhand, Perfectly Balanced Strike functions as an additional mainhand weapon attack. This attack uses all the stats and on-hit effects of the equipped mainhand weapon including adding your Ability Modifier to the damage without the need of Two-Weapon Fighting.