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Weapon Actions are a type of Action granted to a character based on the type of weapon they are wielding. For example, bladed weapons such as Longswords will typically grant the Lacerate weapon action.

These actions are only usable once per Short Rest and are special in some way, normally able to do bonus damage, hit multiple targets, debilitate foes, or move the character.

In order to gain access to the Weapon Actions from a weapon, a creature must have Proficiency in that weapon type and have it equipped in the main hand or both hands (off-hand weapons do not grant Weapon Actions).

The Difficulty Class (or DC) for Saving Throws against Weapon Actions is calculated similarly to Spellcasting DC - except for four differences: firstly, the Spellcasting Ability Modifier is replaced with the Ability Modifier of either Strength or Dexterity, whichever is higher; secondly, proficiency bonus isn't added; thirdly, the base DC is 10 instead of 8; and finally, each Weapon Action can grant its own inherent bonus DC that isn't listed anywhere, but most frequently it's +2. To express all this mathematically:

Weapon Action DC = 10 + Strength or Dexterity + Inherent Weapon Action Bonus DC

Certain Weapon Action instead uses Hybrid DC, which allows a user to either use their Spellcasting DC or Weapon Action DC with a +2 bonus, whichever is higher.

Overview of Weapon Actions[edit | edit source]

Melee Weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapon Action Associated Weapons Cost Effect Damage
Backbreaker Backbreaker Action Inflict ProneProne 1d4 + Strength or Dexterity modifier
  • Inherits weapon damage type
Brace (Melee) Brace (Melee)  6 m / 20 ft movement Reroll melee damage rolls and take the higher value
  • Duration: 1 turn
Cleave Cleave Action Strike up to 3 targets
  • AoE: 1.5 m / 5 ft (Cone)
Halved weapon damage
Concussive Smash Concussive Smash Action Inflict DazedDazed Weapon damage
Maiming Strike Maiming Strike Action Inflict MaimedMaimed 1d4 + Strength or Dexterity modifier
  • Inherits weapon damage type
Disarming Strike Disarming Strike Action Target drops weapon 1d4 + Strength or Dexterity modifier
  • Inherits weapon damage type
Flourish Flourish Bonus action Inflict Off BalanceOff Balance 1d4Damage TypesBludgeoning
  • Non-lethal damage
Heartstopper Heartstopper Action Inflict Chest TraumaChest Trauma 1d4 + Strength or Dexterity modifier
  • Inherits weapon damage type
Lacerate Lacerate Action Inflict BleedingBleeding Weapon damage
Piercing Strike Piercing Strike Action Inflict Gaping WoundsGaping Wounds Weapon damage
Pommel Strike Pommel Strike Bonus action Inflict DazedDazed 1d4Damage TypesBludgeoning
  • Non-lethal damage
Prepare Prepare  6 m / 20 ft movement Extra damage on melee attacks this turn Strength modifier Damage Types Slashing
Rush Attack Rush Attack Action
+  Movement
Charge up to 9 m / 30 ft
Inflict Off BalanceOff Balance
1d4 + Strength or Dexterity modifier
  • Inherits weapon damage type
Tenacity Tenacity Reaction Inflict damage on a miss Strength modifier Damage Types Bludgeoning
  • Minimum 1 damage
Topple Topple Action Inflict ProneProne 1d4Damage TypesBludgeoning
  • Non-lethal damage
Weakening Strike Weakening Strike Action Inflict Weak GripWeak Grip 1d4 + Strength or Dexterity modifier
  • Inherits weapon damage type
  • Non-lethal damage

Ranged Weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapon Action Associated Weapons Cost Effect Damage
Brace (Ranged) Brace (Ranged)  6 m / 20 ft movement Reroll ranged damage rolls and take the higher value
  • Duration: 1 turn
Hamstring Shot Hamstring Shot Action Inflict HamstrungHamstrung Weapon damage
Mobile Shot Mobile Shot Bonus action Make a bonus action attack after using Dash Dash or Disengage Disengage Weapon damage
Piercing Shot Piercing Shot Action Inflict Gaping WoundsGaping Wounds Weapon damage

Special Actions[edit | edit source]

The following actions are available only on specific weapons.

Weapon Action Associated Weapons Cost Effect Saving Throw Extra Damage
Absolute Power Absolute Power FaithbreakerFaithbreaker Action A surge of Divine energy accompanies your swing. It deals an additional 1d6Damage TypesForce damage and possibly pushes your target back 5 m / 16 ft. - +1d6 Damage Types Force
Arcane Ammunition Arcane Ammunition Crossbow of Arcane ForceCrossbow of Arcane Force Bonus action Infuse your bolts to deal additional an 1d4Damage TypesForce damage. - -
Blood Money Blood Money Twist of FortuneTwist of Fortune Action Strike out greedily, dealing an additional 4Damage TypesPiercing damage per 300 Gold that the target possesses. - -
Bolt of Celestial Light Bolt of Celestial Light Gontr MaelGontr Mael Action FrightenedFrighten your target with intimidating arrows.

After attacking, ranged weapon attacks made by Gontr Mael deal an additional 1~4 Radiant damage.

DC 11  Wisdom saving throw -
Colossal Onslaught Colossal Onslaught Jorgoral's GreatswordJorgoral's Greatsword Action Strike multiple foes in a AoE: 6 m / 20 ft (Line). - + Proficiency Bonus Damage Types Slashing
Corrosive Strike Corrosive Strike Corrosive FlailCorrosive Flail Action Deal additional Damage Types Acid damage equal to your Proficiency Bonus. On a hit, create a pool of acid around the target which reduces Armour Class Armour Class by 2. - + Proficiency Bonus Damage Types Acid
Crowning Strike Crowning Strike Blade of Oppressed SoulsBlade of Oppressed Souls Action Unleash the wails of the dead that fell to your blade, and possibly instil Crown of MadnessCrown of Madness in the target. - + Proficiency Bonus Damage Types Psychic
Dawnburst Strike Dawnburst Strike The Sacred StarThe Sacred Star Action Deal additional Damage Types Radiant damage equal to your Proficiency Bonus. On a hit, light erupts around you in a 3m area. Enemies in the light must succeed a DC 13  Constitution saving throw or be Blinded. Constitution + Proficiency Bonus Damage Types Radiant
Dueller's Enthusiasm Dueller's Enthusiasm Duellist's PrerogativeDuellist's Prerogative Bonus action While you are not dual-wielding, you can make an additional melee attack with The Dueller. - 1d8 + Strength modifier Damage Types Bludgeoning
Edge of Darkness Edge of Darkness Shar's Spear of EveningShar's Spear of Evening Action Create a cloud of Darkness while you attack. - + Weapon Damage Damage Types Piercing to all creatures in cloud
Gargantuan Cleave Gargantuan Cleave Very Heavy GreataxeVery Heavy Greataxe Action Strike multiple foes but inflict Off BalanceOff Balance on self - + 1d6 Damage Types Slashing
Grand Slam Grand Slam CorpsegrinderCorpsegrinder Action Slam your weapon into the ground, dealing additional Damage Types Thunder damage each your proficiency bonus, thunderously impacting nearby foes and possibly pushing them away. - + Proficiency Bonus Damage Types Thunder
Hellflame Cleave Hellflame Cleave Hellfire GreataxeHellfire Greataxe Bonus action Spew hellish flames and strike your foes. On Save: Targets still take half damage. Hellfire ignores resistance and immunity to Damage Types Fire damage. - + 2d6 Damage Types Fire
Hush You! Hush You! WitchbreakerWitchbreaker Action Slash a target and possibly SilencedSilence it. Constitution (+1) + Proficiency Bonus Damage Types Slashing
Illuminating Shot Illuminating Shot Fabricated ArbalestFabricated Arbalest Action Fire a shimmering bolt that inflicts 1 turn of Radiating OrbRadiating Orb upon the target. - -
Maiming Strike Maiming Strike Thermodynamo AxeThermodynamo Axe
File:Pactbound Battleaxe Unfaded Icon.pngPactbound Battleaxe
Action Possibly inflict MaimedMaimed on your target. They can't move. Constitution (+1) 1d4 + Strength modifier Damage Types Bludgeoning
Moonlight Butterflies Moonlight Butterflies Moonlight GlaiveMoonlight Glaive Action Strike a foe, conjuring an illusory swarm of moon-pale butterflies, gaining Advantage Icon.png Advantage on attacks against the target. Deal additional Psychic damage equal to your Proficiency Bonus. When the target moves away from your illusion, it takes 1~6 Psychic damage. - + Proficiency Bonus Damage Types Slashing + Proficiency Bonus Damage Types Psychic
Overheat Overheat Azer WarhammerAzer Warhammer Bonus action Release a fraction of your inner fire. All nearby creatures take damage and start Burning FiercelyBurning Fiercely. - -
Part the Flesh Part the Flesh FleshrenderFleshrender Action Thrust forward with diabolical precision, possibly stymying your target's ability to heal. - + Proficiency Bonus Damage Types Necrotic
Poison Mist Poison Mist Argument SolverArgument Solver Action On a hit, deal extra Damage Types Poison damage equal to your proficiency bonus and surround the target in a noxious cloud that possibly PoisonedPoisons those within it. - + Proficiency Bonus Damage Types Poison
Profane Scourge Profane Scourge The Undead BaneThe Undead Bane Action Strike with subjugating fury, adding your proficiency bonus to the damage roll. If you hit a Fiend or Undead creature, deal an additional 2d6Damage TypesSlashingDRS damage and possibly BaneBane it. - + Proficiency Bonus Damage Types Physical + 2d6 Damage Types Slashing if Fiend or Undead
Razor Gale Razor Gale Larethian's WrathLarethian's Wrath Action Swing your weapon in a AoE: 4 m / 13 ft (Cone) that deals damage to all enemies within range. - + Proficiency Bonus Damage Types Slashing
Revitalising Strike Revitalising Strike HoppyHoppy Action Smash into a foe, wounding them and healing your own injuries. On a hit, heal 1d6hit points. You deal additional Damage Types Necrotic damage equal to your Proficiency Bonus. - + Proficiency Bonus Damage Types Necrotic
Searing Blood Searing Blood Rupturing BladeRupturing Blade Action Cut into an enemy, dealing an extra proficiency bonusDamage TypesFire and 1d6Damage TypesFire damage to them, while you yourself take 1d6Damage TypesSlashing damage. Additionally, the attack might cause the target to BleedingBleed and BurningBurn. - + Proficiency Bonus Damage Types Fire + 1d6 Damage Types Fire
Soulbreaker Soulbreaker Soulbreaker GreatswordSoulbreaker Greatsword
Silver Sword of the Astral PlaneSilver Sword of the Astral Plane
Action Rend the enemy's body and soul, dealing an additional 4Damage TypesPsychic damage and possibly StunnedStun them. Constitution (+1) + Proficiency Bonus Damage Types Psychic
Shadowsoaked Blow Shadowsoaked Blow Sword of Clutching UmbraSword of Clutching Umbra Action Strike an enemy, adding your Proficiency Bonus and 1d6Damage TypesPsychic to the damage. This attack doesn't break concealment. - + Proficiency Bonus Damage Types Piercing + 1d6 Damage Types Psychic
Topple the Big Folk Topple the Big Folk Balduran's GiantslayerBalduran's Giantslayer Action Deal additional damage. Large, Huge or Gargantuan creatures take an additional 2-12Damage TypesSlashing damage and may fall ProneProne. Strength (+1) + Proficiency Bonus Damage Types Physical + 2d6 Damage Types Slashing if Large/Huge/Gargantuan
Unshackling Strike Unshackling Strike Orphic HammerOrphic Hammer Action Smite the magical bonds keeping a creature RestrainedRestrained, ParalysedParalysed, and StunnedStunned, freeing it. - -

Conditions Inflicted by Weapon Actions[edit | edit source]

Condition Inflicted by / Saving Throw Saving Throw Penalty Additional Effects Removed by
BleedingBleeding Inflicts 2 Damage Types Slashing per turn for 2 turns Healing
Chest TraumaChest Trauma One fewer Action for 2 turns Healing
MaimedMaimed Movement Speed reduced to 0 Healing
DazedDazed Can't take reactions, loses Dexterity bonus to Armour Class Armour Class Ally Help
Gaping WoundsGaping Wounds - Receive additional 2 Damage Types Piercing damage from attacks for 2 turns Healing
HamstrungHamstrung - Movement Speed halved Healing
Off BalanceOff Balance Advantage Icon.png Advantage to attackers Ally Help or taking damage
ProneProne Advantage Icon.png Advantage to nearby attackers Using half of Movement Speed
Weak GripWeak Grip Disadvantage Icon.png Disadvantage on attacks Ally Help