Recruiting Gnolls

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Recruiting Gnolls describes the Absolute plan of action for adding gnolls to their ranks.

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This book is redolent with the enticing smell of paper and ink.


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  • Price: 14 gp
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Where to find

On a desk in Moonrise Towers main floor


Though gnolls verge upon being brute beasts who cannot follow orders couched in even the simplest terms, they can fulfil one important role in an army such as the one we are building: that of vanguard shock troops.

Howling gnoll berserkers can be sent ahead in frontal assault to absorb defenders' spells and missile volleys, exhausting our enemies' ammunition before the arrival of the organised phalanxes of our less savage troops.

Accordingly, Ragzlin's Hobgoblin Rangers are hereby detached to the wilderness to track down gnoll war packs, capture each pack's flind leader, and bring them back in good condition to Moonrise Towers for tadpoling. The flinds can then be returned to their war packs, where we can count on the rank and file to follow the orders of their leaders, who will then be loyal to the Absolute.

Six such packs should meet our needs. See to it.

- Disciple Z'rell on the behalf of General Ketheric


This book is part of a series detailing how the Absolute added various races into their army.