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The symbol of the Absolute

The Absolute is the enigmatic power behind the Cult of the Absolute.

The Absolute is gold from the sky, She is. The blessin' in the storm an' the storm itself. We're burnin' Her name across the face o' the world, we are.


Act One[edit | edit source]

The Absolute is first mentioned in Act One. The goblins of the area have all converted to worshipping the Absolute, and are gathering as an army under their banner. Followers of the Absolute can be found searching the Wilderness for survivors of the wreck.

The Absolute seems to be tied to the mass abductions and Illithid activity. Those infected with a Mind Flayer Parasite are known in the cult as True Souls. Other followers of the Absolute are branded with the Brand of the Absolute. Those who are infected with a Mind Flayer Parasite can exert some degree of control over people who are branded.

Upon approaching the Goblin Camp the player may experience a vision from the Absolute. It is revealed that the Mysterious Artefact has been protecting the player and their companions from the influence of the Absolute.

The Silhouettes of the Chosen of the Absolute

These are my Chosen. They speak for me.

Aid their search for the Prism, and you will be worthy to stand beside them. In my presence.

My power grows. My forces gather. The reckoning draws near...

A vision from the Absolute

If Speak with Dead is cast on the mind flayer corpse near Dror Ragzlin and asked about the Absolute, the player receives this vision:

Curved drow blades, crude goblin torches, gnoll teeth dripping blood. You see other mind flayers arranged in a serene circle. Absolute unity. Absolute power.

Dead mind flayer

Act Two[edit | edit source]

Act Three[edit | edit source]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Symbol of the Absolute appears to be a combination of the symbols of the Dead Three: The hand of Bane, the triangle of Myrkul and the skull of Bhaal.

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