Ring of Twilight

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The Ring of Twilight is a rare Ring that increases the wearer's Armour Class while obscured.

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Dark smoke swirls in the ring's oxyx, protecting something within.


  • Rings Rings
  • Rarity: Rare
  •  Weight: 0.05 kg / 0.1 lb
  • Price: 70 gp
  • UID MAG_Harpers_RingOfTwilight
    UUID 252584f5-e8b8-4ad8-8776-b3a2bb9e0823


The wearer of this item gains:

Where to find

Act Two: The Ring of Twilight is found inside a Traveller's Chest hidden behind some pots inside a ruined tower in the Ruined Battlefield X: -34 Y: -12.


This ring is one of a few pieces of equipment that works while under the effect of Wild Shape. Needs verification

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