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Wild Shape

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Wild Shape is an Action gained by Druids at Level 2 that allows them to magically transform into various creatures in order to fight in combat or explore the environment.

See also: Combat Wild Shape Combat Wild Shape, the Circle of the Moon Druid enhanced version with extra exclusive forms.


Magically assume the shape of a beast.

While in animal shape, you can't talk or cast Spells. You take on the attributes of your beast form -- excluding your Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores.

When your beast form drops to 0 Hit Points, you revert to your normal form.


Action + Wild Shape Charge
  • Grants access to the forms Wild Shape: Badger Wild Shape: Badger, Wild Shape: Cat Wild Shape: Cat, Wild Shape: Spider Wild Shape: Spider, and Wild Shape: Wolf Wild Shape: Wolf.
  • Your physical Ability Scores (Strength icon.png Strength, Dexterity icon.png Dexterity, and Constitution icon.png Constitution) become the Ability Scores of the creature while Wild Shaped. Your Hit Points and Armour Class Armour Class also become that of the transformed creature. You retain the mental Ability Scores (Intelligence icon.png Intelligence, Wisdom icon.png Wisdom, and Charisma icon.png Charisma) of your original form. Your movement speed is based on your racial movement speed, but some shapes add a bonus.
  • When you reach 0 Hit Points, you revert back to your original form (with the same Hit Points you had before Wild Shaping). If you take damage that reduces the Wild Shape form's Hit Points below 0, the remaining damage is applied to your original form. If the remaining damage is also enough to reduce your original form to 0 Hit Points, you die instantly, skipping the usual Death Saving Throws.
  • If you cast a Concentration Concentration Spell before entering Wild Shape, entering Wild Shape does not end your Concentration on it.
  • You can't cast spells while in Wild Shape, and furthermore can't take any action outside of those available to your Wild Shape.
  • Your equipped items are merged into your beast form and do not have any effect until you revert back.
  • You retain your normal Skill and Saving throw Proficiencies while Wild Shaped, but the total bonuses for Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution-based rolls are influenced by your new animal form ability scores.
  • Your beast form has a fixed number of base Hit Points that increase every two levels that you advance in the Druid class after unlocking each unique creature type. The Hit Point increase is calculated by a factor depending on the shape you are using:
    • Sabre-Tooth, Panther: 1.15
    • Myrmidons, Rothe, Owlbear: 1.2
    • Bear, Badger, Spider: 1.3
    • Wolf: 1.4
  • The damage dealt by beast form attacks depends on the form used:
    • 1d4 damage: Bear (Claws), Dire Raven (Beak, Rend Vision), Panther (Bite), Owlbear (Rupture, claws, Crushing Flight)
    • 1d6 damage: Badger (Bite), Spider (Bite), Rothe (Gore, Charge), Panther (Jugular Strike, Pounce)
    • The damage die for all these attacks increases by one size (e.g., from 1d4 to 1d6) at level 4, again at level 8, and again at level 12.
  • The DC of the (Special) Attacks of the Wild Shape forms is determined as follows: 8 + Proficiency + WIS Modifier.
  • When shapeshifted, speaking to current party members while roaming the world, or talking to active/inactive party members in the camp reverts you temporarily to your original form while the dialogue lasts. This does not work with non-companion NPC's with the exception of Withers and Mizora.
  • Being shapeshifted into an animal-type form lets you understand other animals in the world freely, without using spells or potions, even though shapeshifting does not grant the player condition of Speak with Animals Speak with Animals. This does not work with the Myrmidon forms from Circle of the Moon Druid's Combat Wild Shape Combat Wild Shape.
  • Many items, feats, and class features do not work while in Wild Shape. See List of features that work in Wild Shape for an extensive list of what does and does not work.

At Higher Levels

(For Circle of the Moon Druid's exclusive forms, see Combat Wild Shape Combat Wild Shape).

All Wild Shape Forms

Creature Level Learned Base AC Dex Mod to AC AC HP (Base) HP (At Level 12) STR DEX CON
Badger Badger 2 10 +0 10 13 48 14 10 15
Bear Bear 2* 12 +0 12 30 111 19 10 16
Cat Cat 2 10 +2 12 2 2 6 15 10
Spider Spider 2 11 +3 14 20 74 14 16 12
Wolf Wolf 2 12 +2 14 18 97 17 15 15
Dire Raven Dire Raven 4* 14 +2 16 13 13 6 14 8
Deep Rothé Deep Rothé 4 10 +0 10 23 48 18 10 14
Panther Panther 6 12 +2 14 45 68 14 15 10
Owlbear Owlbear 6 14 +1 15 65 112 20 12 17
Sabre-Toothed Tiger Sabre-Toothed Tiger 8* 12 +1 13 67 89 18 13 15
Dilophosaurus Dilophosaurus 10 13 +1 14 74 96 19 13 17
Air Myrmidon Air Myrmidon 10* 16 +2 18 90 108 18 14 14
Earth Myrmidon Earth Myrmidon 10* 18 +0 18 103 124 18 10 17
Fire Myrmidon Fire Myrmidon 10* 14 +4 18 90 108 13 18 15
Water Myrmidon Water Myrmidon 10* 16 +2 18 90 108 18 14 16


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