Secret Societies of the Sword Coast: Exposed

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Secret Societies of the Sword Coast: Exposed contains sensational descriptions of secret societies including the Harpers, Shadow Druids, Order of Klurd, and Dark Justiciars.

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This sensational tome, embossed with elaborate filigree, has all the pomp and weight of a religious text.


  • Books
  • Rarity: Common
  •  Weight: 0.5 kg / 1 lb
  • Price: 14 gp

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The most well-known of the Sword Coasts' cabals, perhaps, but certainly not benign in its shrouded doings. My sources claim that those belonging to this mysterious faction abhor power, but if that is so, why do they not expose the revelations of their inquiries for the public good? Why indeed - because knowledge is power, and the Harpers intend to keep both for themselves.

Shadow Druids

Weight the life of a man against that of a sapling oak. Which do you value more highly? Ask a Shadow Druid the selfsame question, and be shocked by their answer. This dangerous group utterly disregards intelligent life in favour of the life of plants and insects. Their perversion of the natural order leads them to plan and execute plots so dastardly that the mere description of one would leave you glancing sideways at your begonias.

The Order of Klurd

The least-known, and accordingly most dangerous of the secret societies I have researched, is the Order of Klurd. My sources tell me this shadowy conspiracy of murderers, mutilators, and tyrants regularly meet to plan the demise of any number of innocent citizens of our fair land. What's more - they like it!

Dark Justiciars

I shudder even to inscribe their name upon the purity of this page. I shall leave it at this: they worship Shar.