Swarthy Wayfarer in Red

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Swarthy Wayfarer in Red image

Swarthy Wayfarer in Red is a common Camp Clothing.

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A most adventuresome and spring-heeled variety of ensemble, perfect for journey-makers and risk-takers.


  • Camp Clothing Camp Clothing
  • Rarity: Common
  • Weight: 1 kg / 2 lb
  • Price: 20 gp
  • UID ARM_Camp_Citizen_C_Red
    UUID 8b9ee0cf-35a6-4439-9402-d5f829645e2a
    File CLT_Shirt_A | CLT_Belt_B (Male) | CLT_Belt_A (Female) | CLT_Pants_C

Where to find

Found in the Mason's Guild (The one I found) was in a closet in the basement of the Mason's Guild, which was only accessible after detecting a secret passageway.

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