The Big Book of Little Drinking Games

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The Big Book of Little Drinking Games image

The Big Book of Little Drinking Games is a common book.

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A surprisingly thick volume of drinking games attributed to 'Ko Bold'.


  • Books
  • Rarity: Common
  •  Weight: 0.5 kg / 1 lb
  • Price: 14 gp

Where to find

On the second floor of the Waning Moon


Pain Spree

Gather your pack. Capture a gnome.

One by one, your chums gloat how to best maim the gnome, in alpha-bet-eye-ickle order starting with 'A'. Come up short, take a drink. Last chum standing gets to kill the gnome.


Arrow to the bollocks.

Break its shins.

Club its head with the broken shins.


Get a stone. Invade an inn. Kill everyone there.

Fill ten tankards with ale. Arrange them in a triangle on each side of a table. (Longways, you foll.) Or arrange them first and then fill them, I don't care. Put half your chums at one side, half at the other. Take turns throwing the stone at the opposite tankards. Get it in, drink it dry. Ten empty cups, your team loses.

Winning team gets to yank a single clase of their choice out of the losers' feet.


Attack a village with your pack. Keep killing till a chum loots a deck of cards.

Choose a dealer. I don't care how - shortest tail, ugliest feet, something like that. Chum on their right gets two chances to guess the card on top, and dealer-chum says if it's higher or lower. Dealer-chum chugs twice if the first try is right, and chugs once if the second try is right. If the guess-chum fails, they chug the difference between the final guess and the card.

(If your last guess is a four and the card is a nine, you take five cugs. It's basic matha-sematics.)

New chum-dealer when the last one fools two guess-chums. Last one standing torches the village.