The Real Sparky Sparkswall

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The Real Sparky Sparkswall image

The Real Sparky Sparkswall is an uncommon Shield that allows the wearer to create a Lightning Aura.

Description Icon.png
'Is there anything as beautiful as lightning striking all around you?' Yrre the Sparkstruck said, letting lightning strike all around them.


  • Shields Shields
  • Proficiency Icon.png Required Proficiency: Shields Shields
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Weight: 2.7 kg / 5.4 lb
  • Price: 70 gp
  • UID MAG_ChargedLightning_StaticDischarge_Shield
    UUID 93c2143c-1c9f-493e-9fee-2310c7bee672

Special[edit source]

The wearer of this item gains:

Where to find

Obtained from a locked and trapped chest in Grymforge X: -695 Y: 420.