The Well-Tended Garden

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The Well-Tended Garden contains a guide to grow plants related to healing and poisons.

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A book on how to cultivate plants useful for dietary and medicinal purposes.


  • Books
  • Rarity: Common
  •  Weight: 0.5 kg / 1 lb
  • Price: 14 gp

Where to find


[A non-denominational guide to gardening for faithful folk.]

Whomever you pop your prayers toward, everyone needs healing - and you can't afford a blessing or miracle for every scraped knee. That's where the most holy art of planting shrubs comes in.

What to grow: HEALING

Rogue's Morsel: Best grown in the dark and dusk, you can even plant these in cellars! Amazing.

Balsam: A spindly flower that takes well to tall and chilly climes.

Yellow Musk Creeper: Now, these ones are a tad... difficult. They do feed on human corpses, which doesn't fit in with an awful lot of faiths. But think about it - really cuts down on graveyard space!

What to grow: POISONS

Mugwort: This stuff cures any poison when refined right - but it does smell awful powerful. Stink out a whole temple, this will.