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Front view of the Open Hand Temple
Scenic view of the Open Hand Temple
Baldur's Gate
South Span Checkpoint
Open Hand Temple Sword Coast Couriers
Circus of the Last Days

Open Hand Temple is a location in Rivington in Act Three. The temple is dedicated to the worship of Ilmater, however worship is currently suspended due to the murder of the head priest.

Overview[edit | edit source]

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Temple main area[edit | edit source]

At the temple entrance, the party will discover the head priest has been murdered. A refugee is suspected, and worship within the temple has been suspended.

Near the entrance, you can find Brothers Clements and Bill discussing the tenants of their faith and Father Lorgan's death. Siding with Clements or Bill in the discussion grants either the Inspirational Event A Scorned Closed Heart and A Wounded Open Heart (both Acolyte background), respectively.

Further inside, Yannis Sister Yannis can be found arguing with Valeria Investigator Valeria. Speaking to them and offering to help investigate initiates the quest Solve the Open Hand Temple Murders Solve the Open Hand Temple Murders and grants the Inspirational Events Assistant to the Extra-Planar Agent (Sage background), Trusting Your Instincts (Folk Hero background), and Drama Sleuth (Entertainer background).

Sister Yannis can also be asked for help finding Shirra for the quest Help the Cursed Monk Help the Cursed Monk.

Kitchen[edit | edit source]

The kitchen is on the northern side of the temple. Donnick Brother Donnick can be found here, along with a ornate wooden hatch leading to the cellar. West of the kitchen is the temple's sleeping quarters.

Infirmary[edit | edit source]

"Justice endures, even in suffering."

The infirmary is the on the southern side of the temple. Rose Sister Rose the Penitent can be found there, tending to the recently deceased head priest, Father Lorgan. Lorgan can be spoken to using Speak with Dead Speak with Dead to learn more information about his murder.

Sleeping quarters[edit | edit source]

The sleeping quarters are on the western side of the temple, with a door leading out to the graveyard. Five chests can be found here, the southernmost one containing the Seraphic Pugilist Gloves. The central one is Father Lorgan's, with the false bottom containing his journal.

Graveyard[edit | edit source]

The graveyard can be accessed through the sleeping quarters or a locked iron gate in the Circus of the Last Days. Here, the body of the suspected murderer of Father Lorgan can be dug up and spoken to with Speak with Dead Speak with Dead.

Roof[edit | edit source]

The roof can be accessed by climbing vines on the outer northern wall of the temple. Gale's tressym Tara Tara can be encountered here during the quest Find the Missing Letters Find the Missing Letters.

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