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The Traveller's Chest is a chest located in the player's Campsite. Each player gets one uniquely colored chest determined by the order joined that the other players can not access. All the different camps have designated places for the Traveller's Chests and any item inside it will persist between all camps. By right-clicking an item in your inventory you can send it directly to you Traveller's Chest from anywhere by choosing "Send to Camp".

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A chest suitable for lashing to carts wagons.


  • Containers
  • Rarity: Common
  • UID CONT_PlayerCampChest_A
    UUID 96eab9d1-74b1-42f7-b1ad-061a9fcea8c4

Where to find

Located in the player's Campsite.


  • Some things can be used from within your Traveller's Chest. Doing this saves weight in your inventory.
    • Camp Supplies can be used from the resting menu.
    • Gold can be used from the trading and bartering menu, and in dialog[Needs Verification].
    • Certain quest-related items can be accessed on the spot.[1]
  • The host of the session always get's a yellow chest. The second player get's a green, the third a pink and the fourth a blue[Needs Verification].

Contents[edit | edit source]

These items can be found in your Traveller's Chest if you are logged in to the Larian Launcher:

These items can be found in your Traveller's Chest if you own the Digital Deluxe Upgrade and you are the host:

These items can be found in your Traveller's Chest if you have claimed them as Twitch drops:

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Hotfix #16: "You will now be able to access certain quest-related items on the spot, even if they are currently in the camp chest or in the inventory of a companion who is waiting at camp."