Wicked Coercion

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Wicked Coercion is a level enchantment spell. It is a class action available to Nere that lets him control an enemy by invading their mind. It cannot be learned by players and is only used by NPCs.


Invade an enemy's mind and force them to join your side. They also take 2d4Damage TypesPsychic immediately, and 1d6Damage TypesPsychic per turn.


Action + Level 2 Spell Slot
D4 Psychic.png 2d4 (2~8) Damage TypesPsychic damage
WIS Save (DC 14) (On Save: Target still takes full damage.)
 Range: 18 m / 60 ft

At higher levels

Casting this spell at a higher level grants no additional benefit.

Condition: Coerced

Coerced Coerced

Duration: 4 turns

DC 14  Wisdom saving throw

  • Forced to fight for Nere and takes 1d6Damage TypesPsychic each turn.
  • Ends upon taking any non-Psychic damage.

How to learn

Used by creatures: Nere