Riverside Teahouse

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Ethel's Riverside Teahouse.

The Riverside Teahouse is a location within the Sunlit Wetlands in Act One. The Teahouse is the home of Auntie Ethel.

This location is also known as the Gnarled Teahouse.


The Teahouse once the illusion has broken.

The Riverside Teahouse is located inside the Sunlit Wetlands.

The appearance of the Riverside Teahouse, much like the Sunlit Wetlands is actually an illusion; this location is really the Gnarled Teahouse, the lair of the hag, Auntie Ethel.

Breaking the illusion

There are two ways to break the illusion and reveal the true appearance of this location:

  • See through the illusion while in the Sunlit Wetlands. See Sunlit Wetlands for details.
  • Cause Auntie Ethel to transform into her true form, that of a hag. This can be accomplished several ways, such as by attacking her or accepting her deal to remove the parasite.

Illusionary wall

The backing of the Fireplace in the Riverside Teahouse is an illusion. Approaching the fireplace will cause the party to roll Perception checks to notice it. This wall can be passed through, which leads to the lair of the hag, Overgrown Tunnel. Passing through this wall will cause Auntie Ethel to become hostile.


Just south of the Teahouse entrance is a well that is also deceptively affected by the illusion of the area. Interacting with it when the illusion is up will have it appear as fresh, sweet-smelling water gurgling gently below. Without the illusion it is revealed the well has a fetid smell as it's full of dead flesh. Despite the truth of what's really in the water, drinking from it will give you the Refreshed Refreshed condition, which will increase the character's max Hit Points by 10 until their next Long Rest. (Note that temporary hit points will be removed at the same time.) After a Long Rest this is replaced with the Nauseated Nauseated condition, which inflicts vulnerability to Psychic and Acid damage until another Long Rest. Drinking from the well again with the Nauseated Nauseated condition will give the Sickened Sickened condition.

NOTE: If you drink from the well prior to engaging in combat with Auntie Ethel, she will change the effect of Refreshed Refreshed to Sickened Sickened during the battle.


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Notable loot

Notable items obtained in this location, whether looted, purchased, or obtained as a quest reward:


  • Once the illusion has been broken, the location name changes from Riverside Teahouse to Gnarled Teahouse. The music also changes.