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The Overgrown Tunnel is a dungeon location accessed from the Riverside Teahouse in the Sunlit Wetlands. The Overgrown Tunnel is divided into three main sub areas: the Entrance Gallery, the Ancient Abode, and the Acrid Workshop.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Overgrown Tunnel is the lair of the hag, Auntie Ethel. It is an optional dungeon, reached by walking through an illusory fireplace found in the Riverside Teahouse.

While inside the Overgrown Tunnel, the party cannot fast-travel to a Waypoint or go to camp.

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Entrance Gallery[edit | edit source]

The Entrance Gallery of the tunnel.

The Entrance Gallery is the first of the three main sections of the dungeon. What remains of previous victims of the hag, Auntie Ethel, are scattered about the area. The wood elf Lorin shouts to stay back and not to look. A Petrified Dwarf stands next to a Blinded Elf. Another Victim holds her own head in her hands. The skull of Calim is mounted on a pedestal, facing a mirror. If a character breaks the mirror, that character is afflicted with Bane.

Speak with Dead can reveal some of their pasts, as can interacting with the items nearby to hear Auntie Ethel speak about how her victims got into these predicaments.

Access to the rest of the dungeon is blocked off by a Gnarled Door. The door is one of the hag's previous victims, transformed, and it begs the party not to pass. The party can speak with it and succeed at persuading or intimidating it to allow them them through. This door will reveal that it is an illusion. Alternatively, wearing one of the nearby Whispering Masks will reveal the true nature of the door. However, these masks come with consequences.

Overgrown Tunnel[edit | edit source]

The next room is unmarked on the map, labelled only as the Overgrown Tunnel. This section of the dungeon, past the Gnarled Door, contains four more previous victims of the hag. They are controlled by the Whispering Masks they wear and will immediatley attack the party on sight. This can be avoided if the party members also wear Whispering Masks. It is necessary to cast Protection from Evil and Good Protection from Evil and Good on the party members before equipping the masks to prevent the negative effects of the masks. This room is covered with Mud (difficult terrain).

The Descent[edit | edit source]

Past the four masked victims is a waterfall. Jumping through the water will bring the party to final part of the Overgrown Tunnel section of the dungeon. This area is a steep descent down to the Ancient Abode, covered with climbable vines and many traps.

The next part of the hag's lair, the Ancient Abode, is at the end of the descent.

Traps[edit | edit source]

  • Ruptured Stone - These traps resemble piles of rocks, and emit Noxious Fumes Noxious Fumes.
    • These can be covered by objects to block the fumes. It is possible to put or throw several items, like barrels, chests, bones or mugs, or indeed the whispering masks from the prior room onto the vents to disable them and pass through.
    • If the party is wearing the Whispering Masks, the traps will not emit fumes.
    • If Auntie Ethel is later defeated, the Ruptured Stones will stop emitting fumes.
    • They can also be disabled with a DC 30 Sleight of Hand check check.
  • Peculiar Flowers - These traps are which are hidden until spotted with a Perception check. They will explode if a party member draws too close. They litter the walkways leading down to the Ancient Abode.

Misty Step Misty Step and Feather Fall Feather Fall are useful for avoiding the traps safely. Alternatively, the poison gas clouds dissipate (and the other traps are visible and easy to avoid) if the party members are wearing Whispering Masks. If Auntie Ethel is still active, using this method safely requires the use of Protection from Evil and Good Protection from Evil and Good.

Mushroom Circle and Underdark[edit | edit source]

There is a second Gnarled Door that can be reached from the trapped descent. This Gnarled Door is accessed by taking the ladder down just slightly south of the waterfall the party jumped through, following it around to the north and then jumping up to the door.

A Whispering Mask is required to gain access to the room beyond. Only the active party member has to wear the mask. Inside is a Mushroom Circle that will teleport the party to a similar circle in the Underdark, X: 98 Y: -283.

Ancient Abode[edit | edit source]

The Ancient Abode in the Overgrown Tunnel.

The Ancient Abode is where Auntie Ethel keeps Mayrina locked up in a cage suspended over a gaping pit.

If Ethel is alive, she will fight any intruders that make it here.

Acrid Workshop[edit | edit source]

The hag's workshop.

This small workshop is where Auntie Ethel concocted all manner of wicked brews. She also stores some of her treasures here.

There is a Mushroom Circle at the end of the workshop that will teleport the party to the Sunlit Wetlands X: -72 Y: 210 when used.

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