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Observe your environment. Spot hidden details.

Perception is a Wisdom Skill.

The higher your Wisdom Score, the more likely you will succeed on Perception Checks.

Proficiency[edit | edit source]

Characters who are proficient in Perception can add their Proficiency Bonus when making Ability checks.

The following backgrounds grant proficiency in Perception:

  • No background grants proficiency in Perception

The following classes can choose to select Perception as a proficient skill at Level 1:

The following races are proficient in Perception:

Uses[edit | edit source]

  • Used to detect hidden containers, mechanisms and Traps.
  • Used to spot hiding creatures.

Passive Perception[edit | edit source]

Passive Perception is a special form of Perception that allows a creature to detect things in its line of sight without rolling a Skill Check.

Passive Perception is most commonly applied against Stealth checks: when a hidden creature enters another creature's line of sight, the hidden creature rolls a Stealth check against a Difficulty Class (DC) equal to the opposing creature's Passive Perception.

A creature's Passive Perception value is determined by this formula:

Passive Perception = 10 + Wisdom Modifier + Proficiency Bonus (if Proficient in Perception)

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Advantage on Skill Checks[edit | edit source]

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