Activate Witch Bolt

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Activate Witch Bolt is a cantrip (Evocation). It allows spellcasters to electrocute targets connected by Witch Bolt Witch Bolt dealing 1d12Damage TypesLightning damage.


Activate the bolt and deal 1d12Damage TypesLightning.

If not activated each turn, the arc dissipates and the spell ends.


D12 Lightning.png 1d12 (1~12) Damage TypesLightning damage
 Range: 30 m / 100 ft

At higher levels

Casting this spell at a higher level grants no additional benefit.

How to learn

Other ways to learn:


  • Activate Witch Bolt is classified as a cantrip and will benefit from cantrip exclusive boosts like the Necklace of Elemental Augmentation. On the other hand, it will not activate abilities like Tempestuous Magic Tempestuous Magic that require casting leveled spells.
  • Unlike the initial cast of Witch Bolt, Activate Witch Bolt has no Attack roll. The damage is guaranteed.
  • If the spellcaster is maintaining Witch Bolt on multiple targets (through Metamagic: Twinned Spell Metamagic: Twinned Spell), Activate Witch Bolt will damage each target.


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