Armour of Agility

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The Armour of Agility is a very rare Medium Armour that doesn't limit your AC's Dexterity bonus, and boosts all of the user's Saving Throws by 2.

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Layered sheets of smelted, shaped, and smithed steel have been etched with a sweetly luminous gold. Its outward appearance is heavy. And yet it's so light when you lift it, like lifting a bag of shrunken dead leaves.


  • Medium Armour Medium Armour
  • Proficiency Icon.png Required Proficiency: Medium Armour Medium Armour
  • Rarity: Very Rare
  •  Weight: 12 kg / 24 lb
  • Price: 2900 gp
  • UID MAG_EndGame_HalfPlate
    UUID 42e6357a-4c05-4eda-9415-6b6b4c7d44c5


The wearer of this item gains:

Where to find


  • The Exotic Material passive will not function for characters with the Medium Armour Master feat, limiting them to +3 ac from dexterity.

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