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Brilliant Retort

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Brilliant Retort image

Brilliant Retort is a Consumable(Grenade) item that can be thrown using the Throw action. It has two effects that are unspecified in its description. It causes an explosion twice and creatures who fail their saving throw receive the Silenced condition for 2 turns.

Description Icon.png

All the bang and the boom of the original, but with an extra surprise.


  • Grenades
  • Single Use
  • Rarity: Rare
  •  Weight: 0.3 kg / 0.6 lb
  • Price: 120 gp
  • UID GRN_UNI_BrilliantRetort
    UUID 11f7c9b6-6210-44f2-ae59-2f61f6ad7563



  • Throw a bomb that explodes on impact and deals 3d4+9Damage TypesForce damage twice. Enemies who fail their saving throw will also be Silenced for 2 turns.


    •  Range: 18 m / 60 ft
    • AoE: 4 m / 13 ft (Radius)
    • Dexterity saving throw: DC 12 to halve damage and avoid being Silenced.

Where to find


  • The second instance of damage is not listed in the item's tooltip, but is alluded to by the flavour text.
  • Unique, can’t be bought or crafted via Alchemy.