Arcane Turret

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Arcane Turrets are Constructs created by Lenore De Hurst to defend her Arcane Tower. They are immobile turrets that fire at any creature that gets near. Arcane turrets are vulnerable to antimagic.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • Arcane Turrets can be disabled by a Sussur Bloom, whether it is placed near them or held by a nearby character.
  • If line-of-sight of the Arcane Turret is broken, such as by using a Fog Cloud spell, they will be unable to fire.
  • Arcane Turrets can be deactivated by reducing them to 0 HP, but Sturdy Sturdy makes this difficult.
  • Arcane Turrets will not shoot at invisible targets. They will, however, shoot at a Minor Illusion.