Arcane Tower

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The Arcane Tower overlooking the Ebonlake.

The Arcane Tower is a Location in Chapter One. It is located in the Underdark, overlooking the Ebonlake.

Area Information[edit | edit source]

Approaching the Arcane Tower is made difficult by the Arcane Cannons protecting it.

The area is divided roughly into the entry area, each floor of the tower, and the garden outside the bottom floor. Upon initial approach, the doors are shut and the central elevator is disabled, and floors must be accessed through other means including spells such as fly, jumping through broken windows, from balconies, and onto mushrooms.

Once the generator is powered, the arcane cannons power down, the arcane braziers become lit, and the elevator can be used to ascend and descend between the floors.

Arcane Tower Layout
Level How to Access Notable Elements
5th Floor (Roof) Can be reached by the elevator and/or flight. This level contains Bernard, and the Guiding Light ring which is one method to visit the basement.
4th Floor (Bedroom) Can be reached by the elevator and/or flight. Contains key elements that allows the player to converse with Bernard and other constructs peacefully.
3rd Floor (Main Entrance) Can be accessed by the Main Door. Or flight and elevator if approaching from another level. Contains the Chest of Mundane ( Mystra's Grace + two Scrolls) and 2x Arcane Cannons.
2nd Floor (Greenhouse) Can be reached by the elevator, flight, or by jumping or teleporting on the mushrooms on the tower exterior. Contains the quest related items (Tongue of Madness, Timmask Spores). If the player does not wish to explore the rest of the tower, they only have to visit this one floor.
1st Floor (Generator) The exterior Garden can be access by flight, jumping or teleporting on outside the tower. The locked 1st floor itself can be accessed by the Back Door or a Hole on the wall. Contains the generator that allows you to restore power to the tower. The elevator itself is located on a mezzanine, with the rest of the basement beneath it.
Basement (Secret Room) Can reach through elevator with the Guiding Light ring equipped, or by flying through a gap from the 1st level, or by using [Mage Hand] to activate a lever under the staircase. Contains treasures - including the Staff of Arcane Blessing, the Sparkswall, and another set of the quest items (Tongue of Madness, Timmask Spores).

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Notable Loot[edit | edit source]

Notable items obtained in this location, whether looted, purchased, or obtained as a quest reward:

Chest of the Mundane[edit | edit source]

The Chest of the Mundane appears to contain worthless mundane items. If they are removed, or are in proximity to a Sussur Bloom, the enchantment fails, and instead the items can be seen to be Mystra's Grace Mystra's Grace and some randomized loot, including two scrolls.

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Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

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