Combat Inspiration

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Combat Inspiration is a Class Feature available to College of Valour Bards. This ability is an enhanced version of Bardic Inspiration that adds the ability to increase the target's armour class and damage.

See also: Bardic Inspiration, the base ability available to non-Valour Bards


Inspire an ally to add a D6 Physical.png+1d6 bonus to their next Attack roll, Ability check, Saving throw, weapon damage, or Armour Class Armour Class.


Bonus action + Bardic Inspiration Charge
 Range: 18 m / 60 ft

At Higher Levels

When the College of Valour Bard reaches Level 5, the bonus increases to D8 Physical.png+1d8

When the College of Valour Bard reaches Level 10, the bonus increases to D10 Physical.png+1d10

Condition: Combat Inspiration

Combat Inspiration Combat Inspiration

Duration: Until Long rest


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