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Extra Attack is a passive feature that allows you to make an additional attack when making an Attack Action.


You can make an additional free attack after making an unarmed or weapon attack.

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  • Additional instances of Extra Attack do not stack, e.g. when multiclassing a Ranger Ranger and Fighter Fighter, both at level 5, you will only have 1 extra attack.
  • At level 11, the Fighter Fighter class gains an improved version of this ability, Improved Extra Attack Improved Extra Attack.
  • The Hastened Hastened condition allows a creature to make multiple attacks for both their base Action and their Haste Action. For example, a Hastened character with Extra Attack can make 2 total attacks per Action for a combined total of 4 attacks per turn.
  • Extra Attack may not be used to make additional attacks outside of your turn (such as part of a Reaction, like an Attack of Opportunity or Riposte).
  • Extra Attack applies only to your character's primary weapon when using toggle_dualwield.pngDual Wield, as an offhand attack is considered a Bonus Action. Only the Thief Fast Hands Icon 64px.png Fast Hands feature increases the Bonus Action amount.
  • Flow: If you attack with a weapon then spellcasting and other actions will be disabled for the rest of the turn. The converse is true where if you cast a spell first then weapon attacks are disabled for the rest of the turn.