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Song of Rest is an Action available to the Bard. This ability allows the Bard to restore their allies' strength by granting an additional Short Rest once per day.[See: Bugs]


Use your craft to soothe. You and your allies are revitalized as though you had taken a Short Rest.


Recharge: Long rest

How to learn



  • As of Patch 5, you must not be silenced to be able to use this action.
  • This ability will refresh when using the Restoration Pod in the Mindflayer Colony, unlike "normal" short rests which do not refresh.
  • This ability is quite different from the tabletop version. That version instead lets Bards help themselves and their allies to regain more hitpoints during short rests, increasing the amount by between 1d6 and 1d12, depending on the Bard's level, as long as any amount of Hit Dice are spent.


  • An exploitable bug presently exists wherein this ability incorrectly recharges whenever the party fast travels to a different region (ie the dialog box for confirming travel to a different region appears), allowing unlimited short rests. Most recent test Patch 6, Hotfix 25.