Fables of Faerûn IV: The Magnanimous Miner

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Fables of Faerûn IV: The Magnanimous Miner image

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One of a series of thin tomes illustrating simple lessons to readers of all ages.


  • Books
  • Rarity: Common
  •  Weight: 0.5 kg / 1 lb
  • Price: 14 gp

Where to find

  • On the floor in the Decrepit Village, in one of the ruined buildings on the upper floors. X: 8 Y: -178


In the underground city of Mantol-Derith lived a deep gnome called Sadie and her father Sam. Each morning, the hardworking Sadie travelled to the nearby grotto, pick in hand, to mine gems. Each night, the lazy Sam would count them and demand even more. 'You cannot rest until I am the richest man in all of Faerûn!'

One day, Sadie encountered a stranger on her path home: a haggard creature, grey of skin and small of stature. 'A derro!' exclaimed Sadie.

'Please', said the derro. 'I have no money and no home. I beg of you - a single ruby, so I might sell it for food.'

Sadie found pity in her heart and gave the beggar a ruby. She told her father about the derro upon returning home. 'Do not believe his lies!' warned Sam. 'Derro are selfish, demented creatures. Give him no more, lest I cast you away!'

The derro was waiting for Sadie the next day. 'Please, give me ten rubies, so I might sell them for shelter.' Sadie, moved by his plea, did as he asked and journeyed home, where Sam rebuked her. 'An inferior haul', he said. 'This will not stand!'

On the third day, the derro appeared in the grotto. 'A hundred rubies, please, so I might feed my brothers and sisters.' The kindhearted Sadie handed the beggar her entire sack of gems. As he took it, there was a great flash of light. Where the beggar had stood was a massive gold dragon!

'You prove yourself generous of heart and spirit. Come to my lair, and share in my golden hoard.' Sadie eagerly accepted, joining the dragon in his opulent hideaway.

One year later, Sadie passed a beggar near the grotto - her own father, Sam. 'Sadie. I have no money and no home', he said. 'I beg of you - a single ruby, so I might sell it for food.'

Sadie found no pity in her heart, and walked away.