Lump the Enlightened

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Lump the Enlightened
Lump the Enlightened.jpg
Level 4












Bg3 content hr.png
Creature Race Icon.png  Race Ogre
Creature Type Icon.png  Type Giant
HP Icon.png  HP 67
Creature AC Icon.png  AC 13
Creature Speed Icon.png  Movement Speed 12m / 40ft
Creature Size Icon.png  Size Large
Weight Icon.png  Weight 500kg
Proficiency Icon.png  Proficiency Bonus +2
Initiative Icon.png  Initiative +1
Passive features
Character information
Location Blighted Village
Faction Cult of the Absolute
Allies Chock and Fank
Experience on kill 75
3D Model
Lump Model.png

Lump the Enlightened is an NPC in Act One in the Blighted Village, lurking in the remains of a ruined house with his two other Ogre companions, Chock and Fank. He is an Ogre with an unusual level of intellect for his race.

Act One[edit | edit source]

Lump is found in the Blighted Village. He and his two other Ogre companions have found work checking other creatures for the mark of the Absolute. If the player approaches Lump, he will check them as well. If the player has not received the brand of the absolute from Priestess Gut, Lump will attack unless he can be convinced not to check for the mark with a Deception Skill Check at DC 10.

Lump can be convinced to work for you instead of the Absolute:

  • Offer him 500 Gold.
  • A Deception check at DC 10, offer him 1000 gold after he fights for you.
  • A Persuasion check at DC 20, convincing him to fight for the right to feast on the slain enemies.

Whatever choice used to convince him, he will give you Lump's War Horn to call him with. (You can hire Lump and his gentlemen a total of three times.)

Lump has in his possession a Warped Headband of Intellect, which is the source of his unusual Intelligence for an Ogre.

Companion Interactions[edit | edit source]

Hire Lump and his ogres. Karlach approves +1 Shadowheart approves +1

Paying Lump with the corpses of the slain enemies gives inspiration to the Haunted One background of the Dark Urge

Attacks and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Main Hand Attack - Heavy Spiked Club[edit | edit source]


Attack Roll: +6

D8 Bludgeoning.png 2d8 + 4 (6~20) Damage Types Bludgeoning

Slam[edit | edit source]

Hit a target, push it back 2m and possibly knock it Prone.


Attack Roll: +6

D8 Bludgeoning.png 2d8 + 4 (6~20) Damage Types Bludgeoning

DC 14  Dexterity Save to avoid being knocked Prone.

Melf's Acid Arrow[edit | edit source]

Casts Melf's Acid Arrow spell.


Attack Roll: +6

D4 Acid.png 4d4 (4~16) Damage Types Acid
D4 Acid.png 2d4 (2~8) Damage Types Acid
  • Damage halved on a miss with no extra damage at end of target's turn.

Blur[edit | edit source]

Casts the Blur spell.


Tactics[edit | edit source]

Lump has the potent combination of high intelligence and ogre which he uses effectively. If the party is far enough, he'll cast Blur which will make him more difficult to hit. Breaking his Concentration can also be tricky considering his high Constitution. He will also throw around Acid Arrow to create Acid Surfaces to soften up. In melee like the other ogres, his strength allows him to hit often and for a high amount of damage.

While an oddity for his kind, Lump still has quite the low Wisdom which makes him vulnerable to many spells. His AC is also quite low, even if its a bit higher than the other ogres. Bursting him down with spells and strong attacks will stop him from unleashing too much damage.

Notable Loot[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In addition to his increased Intelligence, Lump the Enlightened has slightly more HP than is typical for an Ogre. His slightly better armour also causes him to have an Armour Class 1 higher than normal for an Ogre.
  • There is a discrepancy between Lump's Intelligence score and the effect of Warped Headband of Intellect. The headband increases a creature's Intelligence to 17, but Lump's Intelligence is 19.