Fracture Psyche

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Fracture Psyche is an action and Illithid Power available to Partial-Illithids. This ability allows the character to reduce an enemy's Armour Class.


Invade a target's mind and disrupt its defences. The target's Armour Class Armour Class is reduced by 1.

If the target dies while its psyche is fractured, you can cast Shatter Psyche Shatter Psyche on another target.


 Range: 9 m / 30 ft
Recharge: Short rest
INT Save (Spell save DC)

Condition: Fractured Psyche

Fractured Psyche Fractured Psyche

Duration: 5 turns

Spell save DC  Intelligence saving throw

How to learn

Other ways to learn:


  • In Early Access, this power was a special Illithid Power granted to Paladins.
  • Despite not being mentioned in the tooltip, Fracture Psyche also reduces the saving throws of the target by 1.