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Guide:She Cannot Be Caged!

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Saving Sazza can be a tricky affair. Given her allegiences and where she tends to stand around, it can be difficult to ensure her survival. Couple this with the fact some of her flags seem to work in unintended ways, she can end up dead in Act 2 even if she was alive at the end of Act 1. While this achievement is easiest on a goblin-aligned playthrough, the conditions can still be fulfilled on a Tiefling-aligned playthrough by following specific steps.

Credit to Steam user Nseraf for this workaround.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

1. Convince the tieflings not to kill Sazza at the Druid Grove.

2. Walk her through the cave, protecting her from the statues and hostile goblins.

3. When you make it to the Goblin Camp, defend her from Minthara:

  • "She had no idea."

4. "Agree" to attack the druid grove alongside Minthara:

  • "I'll get it done."

5. Long Rest and then talk to Zevlor at the Druid Grove.

  • Either betray Zevlor here, or explain the situation to him and fight Minthara.

6. When you return to the Goblin Camp, Sazza will be green and shouldn't aggro you.

  • Do not release the Spiders in the pit, as they will kill Sazza. Likewise, be careful not to hit her with environmental or AoE damage.

7. Kill the goblins and the remaining goblin leaders.

8. Continue into Act 2 and go to Moonrise Towers.

  • Make sure to enter Moonrise Towers before attacking the towers with Jaheira or entering the Shadowfell, as this progresses the game state past the part where you need to defend Sazza again.

9. Vouch for the goblins before Ketheric and Z'rell, and then release them.