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Goblin Camp Overview.jpg
The entrance to the Shattered Sanctum from the Goblin Camp.

The Goblin Camp is a Location within the Wilderness in Chapter One. It is the exterior area of the Shattered Sanctum.

Shattered Sanctum
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Sunlit Wetlands

Location summary[edit | edit source]

Access[edit | edit source]

The Goblin Camp has a main entrance that is reached after crossing the wooden bridge X: -50 Y: 369 in the Forest. Alternate entries are possible.

  • Leap off the road beside a Hunter's Stash in the Forest south of the wooden bridge. Feather Fall is recommended. Then cross the fallen log X: -28 Y: 315. Reaching the entrance of the trapped tunnels will reward the party with 15 exp.
  • Leap off the cliff west of the windmill (behind the broken shrine of Selûne) in the Blighted Village. Feather Fall is required. Then cross the stone bridge X: -53 Y: 455. This will reward the party with 15 exp.

Forest Road Checkpoint[edit | edit source]

To reach the camp, there is a guard post along the main road that has to be bypassed. A passive DC 10 Intelligence check will point out this is a goblin outpost and highlight the war drum.

Trapped Tunnel[edit | edit source]

To bypass the check point, or if entered via the fallen log bridge, there is a tunnel to the south rigged with blast mines with a passive DC 17 Perception check to notice them. They deal 2d6Damage TypesFire with a DC 12  Dexterity saving throw to halve the damage. Can be disabled with a DC 10 Sleight of Hand check. Jumping over a small bottomless pit will get around the checkpoint.

Check Point Interactions:[edit | edit source]

When you approach the guard post Sentinel Olak will be quick to question and threaten the party. There are a few ways to bypass him without starting a fight:

Succeeding in bypassing the checkpoint through most of these methods will reward 140 exp and the Very Important Parasite Inspiration for Charlatans. If the party fail any of the checks or pick certain ones, Olak will try to goad them into rubbing Worg dung on their face.

  • Do as he asks, much to the disapproval of most of the Companions. The party will be let through at least along with 20 exp.
  • DC 10 Athletics check . Scoop up the warm dung and fling it at Olak's face. (This will start a fight but leave Olak Blinded for Duration: 3 turns.)
  • Wink, gather the dung and fling it at all four guards. (Starts a fight but gains the approval of most companions.)
  • If the party refuse or try to leave, it will start a fight.

If the party approach the checkpoint from the the other side, they will be spotted by Rindle who will quickly confront them. Besides attacking, the party can try to talk their way out of trouble:

Even if a fight breaks out, it will not alert the goblins beyond the checkpoint or in the main camp.

Boulder Trap:[edit | edit source]

On the south rocky hill is a barricade that if destroyed will let loose a large rolling boulder that will roll across the checkpoint. It will do 3d6Damage TypesBludgeoning with a chance to hit multiple times if someone is in an unfortunate position. Tracker Rindle or Bal will likely target it if none of their allies are threatened by the trap.

War Drum:[edit | edit source]

If a fight breaks out, Sharp-Eye Snurd or another goblin will focus on reaching the drum, ignoring attacking to focus on movement. If they reach the drum while having an action, they will alert Sharp-eye Sluck, Devout Wasp and Warlock Tud from their small camp further west who will come and join the fight. This however won't alert the main camp of you being a threat. It can be destroyed with an attack, disabling it. It can also be interacted as well.

  • Bang the drum with an open palm. (This will make all the goblins at the checkpoint and beyond it hostile.)
  • Bard DC 10 Performance check. Imitate the beat of a popular goblin drinking anthem. (Leads to a funny scene of the player playing the drums. While it alerts the goblins from the small camp, no fight will break out as Olak enjoyed the music but gives a warning. Can be repeated again which will cause a fight to break out.)
  • DC 10 Performance check. Rap out a simple rhythm. (Same result as above.)
  • Tear the drumhead open. (Disables the drum, making it unusable.)

Reinforcement Camp[edit | edit source]

Sharp-eye Sluck, Devout Wasp and Warlock Tud hang out at this small camp further west of the checkpoint. They aren't hostile, even if the party snuck around the other goblins. Further west leads to the Mountain Pass and to the Rosymorn Monastery Trail, which will progress certain quests in the area, making some fail or be incompletable.

Goblin Camp[edit | edit source]

Across a crumbling bridge is the main section of the camp and beyond that further north, the entrance to the Shattered Sanctum.

Goblin Tunnels:[edit | edit source]

Scattered around the various areas of the camp are tunnels (usable only by the goblins) linking the ground level areas of the camp to the upper level areas (primarily the ramparts and terrace). The goblins will use these tunnels during combat to quickly move between areas. Usage of these tunnels can be prevented by placing sufficiently large items on top of them, such as barrels or boxes.

Center Courtyard[edit | edit source]

Most of the goblin's hang around this area which has scattered tables set before a crude stage where Volo is struggling to preform to keep the raiders entertained, under the watchful eye of Gribbo. Volo will keep singing, mostly randomizing his lines, until the party try to talk to him in which case he'll be dragged off into the Shattered Sanctum.

Hear Volo! I cry far and wide for great glory!

Mountains' great mortals, all ginders to quake. Laugh if you dare! Recoil, as you must! The True Souls are coming, their louders awake. His name is Dror Ragzlin, his voice Absolute. Dror Ragzlin's best make is a blade in the quarry! His troops will disarm you and groar you the truth! Be you beguiled or be you beheaded - - goblinkind will attease and frelk you, areaded!

A new age is dawning, with goblins atrust!
— Volo desperately trying to entertain the goblin raiders.

In the south eastern corner is Grat the Trader who sells a small yet useful selection of magic items and supplies.

Talking to the other goblins can also give the party details about their group, information about Halsin and other secrets within the temple.

Eating the roast dwarf belly earns the Inspirational Event Good Ol' Long Pig (Haunted One background).

Booze Tub[edit | edit source]

Just right of the cooking split is a large skull upside down X: -95 Y: 442 that the goblins use to store their booze. If interacted with, the party can combine a Basic Poison, Wyvern Toxin or Drow Poison to spike it. It is best to try this in turn based mode while also Hiding and/or having someone Performing as a Distraction. If the party member interacting with the tub is noticed, the party will be confronted by the goblins. The party can do a variety of skills checks to get by:

If the drinks are spiked, a toast will begin with party pushed into joining in. Once more, there are different ways to handle things.

Failing any of the checks above will give the party another chance to avoid suspicion:

  • Down the drink. Leading to the save as above.
  • "You've caught me. It's poisoned." This will turn the whole camp hostile.
  • DC 10 Persuasion check. "I'm simply being a good guest, that's all."
  • DC 10 Deception check. "I was checking none of you idiots had spilled anything foul in there."
  • Detect Thoughts DC 12 Intelligence check. "Don't be stupid. You might be able to drink all day - the Absolute needs me sober."

If the party avoid suspicion, the goblins will all drink up. Mirg, Grikka, Sul, Puli, Aggy, Gurk, Klagga and Breg will all die from the poison quickly. A few other will also be lowered to half their health as well. Successfully poisoning the goblins earns the Inspirational Event Now It's a Party! (Haunted One background) and Spiked! (Charlatan background).

After the goblins drop dead, the party will gain experience as if they killed the seven goblins. The survivors will swiftly accuse the party to be responsible for the poisoning. The party will be forced to attempt a few possible skill checks to avoid an outright fight. .

If a fight is avoided, the goblins will go into high alert, thinking they're under attack as they take defensive positions around the camp. The booze tub will also get destroyed to avoid any more mishaps.

Western Courtyard[edit | edit source]

This area is dedicated to the chicken chasing game the goblins have set up, organized by Krolla. She won't start any games until Volo has been dragged off from his performing. If the party haven't gone to the Owlbear Nest or if the Owlbear Cub is dead, the party play against the Dishevelled Chicken. Otherwise the cub will be in its place since it ate the fearful poultry. Playing the game is an easy way to earn 300 Gold if the party can pass the right skill checks. The full details on how to succeed in the game can be found here.

On the north side of this courtyard are climbable vines that can reach the upper tier of the camp.

Eastern Courtyard[edit | edit source]

On this side of the camp is the camp's Waypoint along with a small stage where Crusher is boasting to three other goblins. The useful ring that he wears on his toe can be acquired in several ways.

Behind the stage is a ladder that leads up to a secluded cliffside area that can reach the upper tier of the camp.

Eastern Cliffs[edit | edit source]

Following up from the eastside courtyard, there will be a trail leading up to some rockfaces that can be climbed and jumped to reach the secluded

Beware of poison and blast mines, both requiring a passive DC 15 Perception check to notice. DC 10 Sleight of Hand check to disable both types of mines. Blast mines can deal 2d6Damage TypesFire with a DC 12  Dexterity saving throw to halve the damage, while poison mines 2d6Damage TypesPoison with a DC 11  Dexterity saving throw to halve the damage, though leave a AoE: 3 m / 10 ft (Radius) Poison Cloud for Duration: 3 turns. The party can use Damage TypesForce to bypass the Sturdy condition the mines have. Bypassing them will reach a locked chest holding the Glowing Shield.

Wayfinding[edit | edit source]

This location contains the following Waypoint Waypoint:

caption = Goblin Camp Goblin Camp X: -75 Y: 445

Sub-Locations[edit | edit source]

Characters[edit | edit source]

The NPCs in this location may vary based on player storyline choices and progress.

Notable NPCs[edit | edit source]

Merchants[edit | edit source]

Other NPCs[edit | edit source]

Loot[edit | edit source]

Notable items obtained in this location, whether looted, purchased, or obtained as a quest reward:

Sold by Grat the Trader[edit | edit source]

Looted[edit | edit source]

Hidden Treasure.[edit | edit source]

  • A buried chest on the ledge south of the chicken chasing arena, containing some scrolls. X: -131 Y: 425
  • A buried chest on the northeastern ledge, overlooking the sleeping Bugbears on the upper level. DC 10 Survival check to locate. X: -77 Y: 466
  • A buried chest on the east road from leading to the Rosymorn Monastery Trail, just before the mountain pass. DC 15 Survival check to locate. X: -154 Y: 329
  • A buried chest on a ledge just below where Rancer is stationed. DC 15 Survival check to locate.X: -76 Y: 402
  • A heavy chest up in the southeastern tower at the camp entrance. Can be reached with Jump and having decent Strength. Has a Smokepowder Bomb in it. X: -99 Y: 416
  • A locked chest DC 10 Sleight of Hand check located in the cliffs in the northeastern corner. Guarded by Blast and Poison Mines. Contains the Glowing Shield.

X: -57 Y: 467

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