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Sazza is a goblin follower of the Absolute. She is first found held prisoner in the Makeshift Prison in Emerald Grove. If the party help her, she becomes a temporary companion.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Act One[edit | edit source]

When approaching the Makeshift Prison through the Emerald Grove gateway the first time Sazza will be held at crossbow point by Arka, who seeks vengeance for her dead brother Kanon. Arka's friend, Memnos, is attempting to dissuade her from the senseless act of violence. The party can choose to either help Sazza by interfering with Arka's plans to shoot her, or let Sazza die by Arka's hands.

If the party chooses to help Sazza and then speaks with her, she will offer to introduce the party to True Soul Priestess Gut, who has powerful healing abilities.Sazza will then be a temporary companion with 9HP and must be escorted out of the Grove safely. If doing the Save the Goblin Sazza quest in her favor, then she promises to put in a good word for the party with her tribe, helping to bypass the checkpoints at the Goblin Camp and Shattered Sanctum. When meeting Minthara, she will try to present the party as captives to cover her failures in the raid, but be called out on the fact that the party consists of True Souls. With the threat of punishment looming, the party can decide her fate which can lead to her death or reimprisonment.

  • If the party speaks to Sazza after she is spared a second time, she can be persuaded with a DC10 check to give up information, she will inform the party of a secret cache behind the waterfall near the bridge. X: -133 Y: 398 .
  • If Sazza is not freed and escorted out of the grove, then the Save the Goblin Sazza quest will resolve with her death, and her corpse may be looted through the cage.
  • If all three goblin leaders are killed after Sazza was freed and escorted out of the grove, she will die instantly upon the third goblin leader's death.
  • If Sazza is freed and Minthara is not killed but knocked out and the other two goblin leaders are killed, she will remain alive and can be encountered later in Act Two.

Act Two[edit | edit source]

If kept alive during Act One, Sazza can once again be encountered in the audience chamber at Moonrise Towers, being judged along with other goblins for their failure to secure the Artifact. Their fate is given to the party to determine, and she can once again be set free (which will award an achievement) or can be executed with varying degrees of cruelty.

If freed again, Sazza and the other goblins immediately flee from Moonrise and cannot be spoken to again. This leaves her ultimate fate unknown, though it is noted by the party themselves in a dialogue option that she and the other goblin likely fell prey to the Shadow Curse on account of them not having a Moonlantern.

Companion approval[edit | edit source]

Act One[edit | edit source]

Dealing with captive Sazza in the Emerald Grove prison:

  • Allow Arka to shoot Sazza: Astarion approves +1Wyll approves +1
  • Stand between Arka's crossbow and Sazza: Gale approves +1
  • Successfully stop Arka from shooting Sazza (successful intimidation or persuasion DC roll): Gale approves +1Laezel disapproves -1Karlach approves +1Wyll disapproves -1Shadowheart approves +1

Talking to Sazza while she is in the cage: "Deal. I'll get you out of there." Karlach approves +1 Laezel disapproves -1Wyll disapproves -1

Talking to Sazza after freeing her from her cage:

  • "It's a deal, signed and struck": Wyll disapproves -1 Laezel disapproves -1 Karlach disapproves -1

In the Goblin camp:

  • Stand up for Sazza before Minthara: Gale approves +1 Karlach approves +1 Astarion disapproves -1 Lae'zel disapproves -1 Wyll disapproves -1

Act Two[edit | edit source]

Choosing to free or execute Sazza and the other goblins:

  • "Spill your guts on the floor. I want to see you bleed."Astarion approves +1
  • "Not another word. In fact - not another breath, from any of you."Astarion approves +1
  • "I'll give you a fair chance. Fight me - you either die, or you kill me and you're free to go."Astarion disapproves -1 Laezel approves +1
  • "Guards. Release them."Astarion disapproves -1 Laezel disapproves -1

Speak with Dead[edit | edit source]

Sazza can be spoken to with Speak with Dead.

Party member: Who are you?

  • Sazza: ... Sazza... toughest in... the tribe...

Part member: How did they capture you?

  • Sazza: ... scoutin' ... snoopin'...
  • Sazza: ... tieflin's... don't fight... fair...

Party member: who leads your tribe?

  • ... Boss Ragzlin... and the drow...

Party member: Can anyone in your tribe heal?

  • Sazza: ... priestess Gut... powerful...
    • Party member: Where can i find this priestess Gut?
    • Sazza: ... West... temple ruins...

Party member: Who or what is the Absolute?

  • Sazza: ... everything... all of us...

Party member: Your tribe must have some valuable loot. Where do they hide it?

  • Sazza: ... Ragzlin... waterfall... bridge...

Achievement[edit | edit source]

A-She Cannot Be Caged!.jpg

She Cannot Be Caged!
Rescue Sazza from the Emerald Grove, Goblin Camp and Moonrise Towers in one playthrough.

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