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The Emerald Grove, also known as Silvanus' Grove and Druid's Grove, is a location in the Wilderness of Act One of Baldur's Gate 3. It encompasses the large cavern known as The Hollow and the Sacred Pool.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The area of the map known as Emerald Grove.

The Druids of the Emerald Grove are led by Kagha Kagha who serves as the leader of the druids in First Druid Halsin Halsin's absence. They are providing a temporary refuge for the Tiefling Refugees from Elturel, though tensions are high. The Grove is on high alert due to the aggression of nearby Goblins. Kagha has ordered the Rite of Thorns be performed to shut the grove off, which would displace the Tieflings.

The fate of the Emerald Grove and the Tiefling Refugees is in the hands of the party.

Entering this area will grant the party 10 Experience if at character level 2, 30 XP at level 3, and 40 XP at level 4.

Emerald Grove Ramparts[edit | edit source]

The Emerald Grove's defensive ramparts.

The south of the Emerald Grove is protected by ramparts. The thick gate can be only be opened by the nearby gate winch. A war horn rallies rallies the defenders should the Grove come under attack. A few of the tieflings have set up a small camp to the west of the ramparts. Should any of the tieflings die, they may end up buried in the small clearing to the west.

When the party first approaches the ramparts before the Emerald Grove, Aradin Aradin and his fellow mercenaries will be found fleeing to the gates, pursued by a hunting band of goblins. Wyll Wyll will also make an appearance to help defend the gates. If no allied defenders are killed, the Inspiration Icon.pngInspirational Event No One Left Behind (Soldier background) will be awarded. Afterwards, you can enter the grove.

After the fight, several tieflings may be found atop the ramparts, processing the death of Kanon Kanon. If you head there immediately, you may be able to speak to his sister Arka Arka, but she leaves for the Makeshift Prison soon after his death.

On the path past the gates, Aradin Aradin and Zevlor Zevlor will be found in heated argument argument, which may come to blows unless the party intervenes. Aradin's later location might vary depending on this outcome. Once the mercenaries are gone, Zevlor will thank you for your help and request your aid with the refugees' imminent expulsion from the grove, initiating the quest Save the Refugees Save the Refugees.

Nadira Nadira, a tiefling refugee, can be found on the hill to the east of the ramparts at X: 242 Y: 451, stalked by a bugbear assassin. She will be murdered if the party takes too long to rescue her. Interacting with the telescope by Nadira allows an early glimpse of a nearby red dragon.

A path winds down north from the hill towards the elevator to the Sacred Pool. Until Tuffet the bear can be convinced to move, the elevator is inoperable.

Timber is an aggressively territorial squirrel found near the lift to the sacred pool at X: 239 Y: 467; she may be placated or squashed.

On meeting Timber the squirrel at the Druid Grove, the Dark Urge will automatically punt the squirrel into the nearby rocks, with lethal consequences. The player character can only control this choice if Speak with Animals is active. Killing Timber awards the Inspirational Event Indulge Thine Appetites (Haunted One background).

The Hollow[edit | edit source]

Looking across The Hollow towards the Makeshift Prison.

For more information see: The Hollow

The Hollow is a cavernous location in the northwest of the Emerald Grove. The majority of the Tiefling refugees can be found here. There are multiple traders in this area, and companions may be acquired here, depending on the party's story choices.

This location contains entrances to the Secluded Chamber, Underground Passage and the Tiefling Hideout. It is north of the Ramparts, and northwest of the Sacred Pool.

The Strange Ox Strange Ox can be encountered for the first time in The Hollow. If killed, it drops Shapeshifter's Boon Ring.

Dammon Dammon, a tiefling blacksmith and trader can be found atX: 180 Y: 561. He plays an integral role in Karlach Karlach's personal quest, The Hellion's Heart The Hellion's Heart. A Breastplate +1 can be found on a table near him.

Zorru is tiefling involved in the quest Find the Githyanki Crèche Find the Githyanki Crèche.

Sacred Pool[edit | edit source]

Overview of the Sacred Pool, showing the stairs leading down, the stone circle, and the adjacent areas.

For more information see: Sacred Pool

The Sacred Pool is at the heart of the Emerald Grove. The Idol of Silvanus is at the centre of the Sacred Pool. It is the site where the Rite of Thorns is being performed by the druids. A couple druids stand guard at the bottom of the stairs to the Hollow, preventing most outsiders from entering the Sacred Pool during the rite.

Volo Volo is found interviewing a bear in the Sacred Pool. He serves as a trader, including The Whispering Promise among his wares.

The Sacred Pool connects to the Inner Sanctum via the Stone Door X: 25 Y: -10, and to The Hollow via the stairs to the north, the Secluded Cove to the northeast. An elevator leads to the Emerald Cove ramparts in the south.

Inner Sanctum[edit | edit source]

The Inner Sanctum

For more information see: Inner Sanctum

The Inner Sanctum is a subterranean location accessed through the Stone Door in the Sacred Pool. There are four frescos in the Inner Sanctum, depicting the history of the Emerald Grove. Kagha Kagha, the acting leader of the druids, can be found in the Inner Sanctum.

The Servant Quarters can be found to the North-East, and the Druids' Chambers to the North. The Healer Nettie Nettie can be found in the Druid's Chamber, and is capable of unlocking the entrance to the Enclave Library.

History[edit | edit source]

By claw and tooth, from root to thorn,

The Old Oak's grove, to wildlings sworn.

The forest rose with claw and tooth,

To tear the darkness from its roots.

In darkest hour, a concord made,

Twixt harp and wild against the shade.

The towers seized, the battle done,

The moonrise broke the Darkest One
Inner Sanctum Plaques

The frescos in the Inner Sanctum depict the legacy of the Emerald Grove. The first mural shows beasts and druids driving monsters out from their lands. With the monsters driven out, the druids claimed the grove in the name of Silvanus, god of nature.

However, it seems that their strife was not over. Referred to as the 'Darkest Hour', the druids entered a concord with the Harpers to fight "the shade" (The Shadow Curse). Their opponents were Ketheric Thorm Ketheric Thorm's Sharran army. The final victory fresco shows a Sharran helmet broken at their feet. The Moonrise Towers were lost that day.

Waypoints[edit | edit source]

This location contains the following Waypoint Waypoint:

  • Emerald Grove Environs X: 246 Y: 423

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