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Patch 5 released with an enormous changelog featuring major changes like the introduction of Honour mode and new epilogues. It also included hundreds of gameplay changes and fixes and ended with:

And many, many more fixes, improvements, tweaks, and labours of love!

The aim of this article is to document these unlisted fixes, improvements, and tweaks.

Honour mode[edit | edit source]

Action economy[edit | edit source]

Honour mode features a number of changes to tighten the action economy.

These changes more closely match the rules used in the tabletop game.

Furthermore, Mind Sanctuary in Honour Mode merely hastens characters within it, rather than allowing them to use actions and bonus actions interchangeably.

Simplification of damage mechanics[edit | edit source]

See damage mechanics for details.

The interaction between different damage boosts can lead to unexpected (and exploitable) behavior. In particular, damage riders could get applied numerous times in a single attack with damage rider sources (DRS) causing the attack to deal much more damage than expected.

Honour mode makes sweeping changes to many items and effects to stop damage boosts from interacting with each other. Now, all (or most) damage bonuses are well-behaved and do not interact with each other. This essentially eliminated DRS as a concept in Honour mode. Many builds centered around exploiting DRS mechanics to deal hundreds (even thousands) of damage per round will not work in Honour mode.

In particular, the changes are:

Legendary actions[edit | edit source]

  • Bulette has legendary actions listed in the game files, but does not currently seem to be able to use them.[Needs Verification]

Item rarity and price changes[edit | edit source]

Several items have had their rarities changed for Honour mode. These are:

Additionally, around 100 items have had their prices adjusted, sometimes significantly. Some examples include:

Miscellaneous balance changes[edit | edit source]

Universal changes[edit | edit source]

The following are changes that apply to all difficulties and modes.

Spell changes[edit | edit source]

Ability changes[edit | edit source]

Item changes[edit | edit source]

Effect changes[edit | edit source]

  • Arcane Charge Arcane Charge has been significantly reworked.
    • Previously it provided bonus damage equal to your proficiency bonus to all damage against Threatened Threatened targets. It also imposed a 50% movement speed penalty while it was active.
    • Now, it provides 2 bonus damage to spells against threatened targets. There is no movement speed penalty.
    • Bided Time now only activates when hit by an enemy melee attack. Previously, it could be triggered by an allied attack (for example, if you used a Mage Hand Mage Hand to hit yourself).
  • Arcane Acuity Arcane Acuity has been slightly reworked.
    • It can now stack up to 10 times (up from 7).
    • When taking damage, you lose 2 stacks of Arcane Acuity.
    • This happens with any damage, including self-damage like Heat. This means that Heat items and Hat of Fire Acuity may not work very well together.
  • Radiating Orb Radiating Orb has been slightly reworked.
    • It can now stack up to 10 times (up from 7).
    • When an affected entity makes an attack roll (whether it hits or misses), 2 stacks will be removed.
    • Luminous Armour previously had a bug where it could exceed the normal stack limit. This has been fixed.
  • Mental Fatigue Mental Fatigue has been significantly reworked.
    • It can now stack up to 7 times (previously it couldn't stack).
    • When an affected entity fails a mental Saving throw with at least 5 stacks, they are discharged, dealing 1d4Damage TypesPsychic damage.
  • Momentum Momentum can now stack 5 times (up from 4).

Minor changes[edit | edit source]