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This is a guide to the Mirror of Loss.

Only one character needs to pass the initial Arcana or Religion checks to identity the mirror, but each party member must pass their individual Religion prayer checks in order to receive the permanent ability buff. Items that boost Religion or Intelligence, which can be passed to each party member for each attempt, will skew the odds in your favor. These include:

General spell and class-specific buffs to checks like Guidance, Enhance Ability and Bardic Inspiration additionally shine here.

Alternative to having the Warped Headband of Intellect equipped, the character can be temporarily respecced through Withers, giving them an Intelligence rating of 17 that can be further increased with the ability improvement feat twice, to 20. The character can be respecced back to their main build afterwards, retaining the Mirror of Loss stat enhancement.

Respec Guide[edit | edit source]

If one is willing to respec, there is a self-contained way to insure success on the DC 25 Religion check without any need to reload.

A Rogue 11 (any subclass) Cleric of Knowledge 1 who starts with at least 16 Intelligence can use the ability improvement feat twice, to raise Intelligence to 20. Rogue 10 grats a third feat that can be spent on Ritual Caster to obtain Disguise Self in order to activate the Shapeshifter's Boon Ring. Select Religion as one of your two knowledge expertise skills from Cleric and Guidance as one of your cantrips.

5 (Int) + 4 (Religion Proficiency) + 4 (Religion Expertise) + 10 (minimum on d20 from Reliable Talent ) + 1 (minimum on 1d4 Guidance) + 1 (minimum on 1d4 Shapeshifter's Boon) = 25

Patriar's Memory[edit | edit source]

To more reliably get the extra bonus from the Patriar's Memory, each character interacting with the mirror should do so before offering a prayer. This way, they won't prematurely lock yourself out of subsequent rolls by landing on the +2 bonus, and will increase the odds of getting the Patriar's Memory outcome.