Jhannyl's Gloves

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Jhannyl's Gloves are a rare pair of Gloves that lets the wearer automatically cast Lesser Restoration Lesser Restoration on themselves when they become Blinded, Paralysed or Poisoned.

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Divine runes accentuate the finger pads. While not a religious sect, the Harpers do not demand the occlusion of religion in their members.


  • Gloves Gloves
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Weight: 0.5 kg / 1 lb
  • Price: 240 gp
  • UID MAG_Harpers_JhannylGloves
    UUID 79741a3c-730a-4e9d-a3fe-ec39df64af0f

Special[edit source]

The wearer of this item gains:

Where to find

  • Looted from Isobel in numerous locations:
    • Last Light Inn if she is killed after dealing with the Nightsong but before completing the assault on Moonrise.
    • Mind Flayer Colony if she is kidnapped by Marcus or killed at Last Light Inn before dealing with the Nightsong.
    • In your camp in act 3 if she accompanies you.
    • Ramazith's Tower in act 3 if the Nightsong is killed or imprisoned there.