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Dyes are Consumables that can combined with various Equipment and Clothing items in the game to change their base colour to that of the dye in question. The full list of dyes can be found below.

Dyeing[edit | edit source]

  • While in the inventory screen, right-click the dye you want to use and select Combine in the list of options. Then drag the item that you want to be dyed into the empty box on the right side of the Combine Items menu and click on the Combine button.
  • The same dye can look wildly different when used on different kinds of equipment.
  • Dyeing an item that has already been dyed replaces the original dye; there is no means of combining multiple dyes on the same item.
  • Items that have a colour variant in the name (e.g., Cosy Blue Shirt) do not change names when dyed a different colour.
  • Dye can be removed from an item using Dye Remover. Only one remover is needed per item, regardless of how many times it has been dyed.

Uncommon Dyes[edit | edit source]

List of dyes[edit | edit source]

  • Blue Dye
  • Green Dye
  • Light Blue Dye
  • Muddy Red Dye
  • Ocean Dye
  • Orange Dye
  • Pale Green Dye
  • Pale Orange Dye
  • Purple Dye
  • Red Dye
  • Sea Green Dye
  • Swamp Green Dye
  • Yellow Dye
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    Rare Dyes[edit | edit source]

    List of dyes[edit | edit source]

  • Baby Blue and Gold Dye
  • Black and Azure Dye
  • Black and Furnace Red Dye
  • Bloody Plum Dye
  • Brown Alabaster Dye
  • Black and Jade Green Dye
  • Black and Summer Green Dye
  • Deep Lilac Dye
  • Harlequin Black and White Dye
  • Indigo Dye
  • Lavender Dye
  • Lime, Lemon, and Lichen Dye
  • Mellow Fruit Dye
  • Pale Pink Dye
  • Pink and Leaf Green Dye
  • Sage Green Dye
  • White and Scarlet Dye
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    Very Rare Dyes[edit | edit source]

    List of dyes[edit | edit source]

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

    External links[edit | edit source]

    • Plan Thine Drip, a fanmade blog showcasing every dye on every armor and clothing piece, current as of Patch 5.