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Ramazith's Tower is a location in the Upper City of Baldur's Gate in Act Three. It is the home of the wizard Lorroakan and can be accessed through a portal in Sorcerous Sundries.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Ramazith's tower is made up of three floors.

Top floor[edit | edit source]

The party will arrive here from a portal in Sorcerous Sundries, and the portal on this level leads back to the same portal the party entered there.

Lorroakan and his elemental myrmidons are found on the top floor of the tower, waiting for information about the Nightsong. This is where the quest Find the Nightsong reaches its climactic conclusion.

Middle floor[edit | edit source]

This floor consists of an indoor inner area and an outdoors outer ring, which can be reached by jumping through the windows on this floor, demolishing the barrier X: 4960 Y: 688, jumping down a series of floating tables/shelves, or Feather Fall/Fly from the top floor balconies.

Scattered around this floor are five pillars, each with a 'Weave Button' and an invisible labelled plaque in front of them.

  • The Below button (Northwest) teleports the party to the bottom floor.
  • The Cleanup button (West) activates several Cloudkill traps around the room.
  • The Security button (Northeast) activates four hostile Arcane Cannons.
  • The Vault button (Southeast) teleports the party member who pressed it to the Sorcerous Vault.
  • The Artillery button (Outer ring), located on the east end of the outside ring, fires a fireball off the top of the tower.

Bottom floor[edit | edit source]

The bottom floor has two Globe of Invulnerability arcane barriers protecting Markoheshkir and the Robe of the Weave. To disable the barriers, an invisible lever in front of each barrier must be successfully spotted (they are always visible with See Invisibility) and disabled ( DC 20 Arcana check). A failed check casts Disintegrate on the party member. There is also a button marked Above that teleports the party back to the middle floor.

Inside a trapped case (DC 15) nearby, a Heavy Iron Key can be found, which opens Vault 1 in the The Counting House. Additionally, a Sorcerous Sundries Mystery Door Key can be found here, which opens the door leading to the "Elminster/Karsus/Silverhand" room in the Sorcerous Vault.

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