Magic of the Weave - An Introduction

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Magic of the Weave - An Introduction is a common Book. It gives an introduction to the study of the Weave, the source of magic, and was written by an unknown author.

A hefty book for beginning spellcasters. Though mostly truthful, the author, clearly a wizard himself, seemed to possess quite a particular bias.

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Few try to understand the Weave - a true pity, for only they who are truly attuned to the Weave can rightly call themselves spellcasters.

Thus comes the question: What is the Weave? It is an essential element of the universe. It runs through everything in unseen threads. It is what makes magic possible. It is also, though I will not go into further detail here, the goddess Mystra herself. (See Magic of the Weave - Mystra and the Spellplague).

The Weave isn't magic, precisely. Rather, it is the raw material from which magic is woven, not entirely unlike how a collection of threads is shaped and formed into a garment. Those with the necessary talent and skill can manipulate the Weave and perform magic by casting spells.

Developing this skill takes years of learning and constant practice. You might have heard of those who can cast spells because they are born with an innate connection to the Weave (commonly called Sorcerers), or worse, because they struck a bargain with an otherworldy creature (also known as Warlocks). Do not be deceived. Their magic is unpredictable, uncontrolled, and in some cases, not even rightfully theirs.

No, to truly know and manipulate the Weave is an Art. But those Wizards who master it will know the limitless power and beauty the Weave provides.

Properties[edit source]

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