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Mystra is the goddess of magic. She is associated with the domains of Arcana and Knowledge. Player character Clerics have the option to select Mystra as their patron deity.

Book Tome X Unfaded.png
Mystra, goddess of all mages--

She proves and tends the weave.
Revered by many through the ages;

All magic we from her receive.
A is for Azuth, and other Gods IX

Overview[edit | edit source]

Mystra oversees the Weave and spreads arcane knowledge to mortal spellcasters. Her clerics preserve ancient lore and protect bastions of magical energy.

Mystra plays a predominantly indirect, but major, role in Gale's story, whether he is chosen as an origin or a companion. It is possible (but perhaps not guaranteed), for Gale to be granted an audience with Mystra during Act 3. If this audience is attended, it's allowed to view the confrontation, but not possible to control the dialogue if Gale is not chosen as origin.

Elminster Aumar is Mystra's current champion during the events of Baldur's Gate 3.

A character named Lenore De Hurst is referred to as a 'cleric of Mystra' by multiple item descriptions.


The past cannot be undone with self-pity, nor can a future be forged. Only with the truth you will see the way ahead.
Mystra to Gale

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