Momentum (Condition)

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  • Spurred on by a sense of urgency. Movement Speed increased by 1.5 m / 5 ft per remaining duration of this effect.
  • Removed when Restrained Restrained, Condition Type Icon.pngIncapacitated, Condition Type Icon.pngProne, or slowed down.
  • Momentum has a maximum Duration: 5 turns.


Loses duration: end of turn

If already applied: add to duration

More properties:

Sources of Momentum

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Early Access item Chain of Liberation interacted with Momentum: Once per turn, the wearer can reduce the duration of their Momentum by 1 turn to Sprint, rushing forward in a straight 6m / 20ft. line that doesn't provoke Opportunity Attacks.
  • Spurred Band During combat, when the wearer starts their turn with 50% Hit Points or less, they gain Momentum for 1 turn.