Necromantic Codexes, Their Enigmas

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Necromantic Codexes, Their Enigmas image

Necromantic Codexes, Their Enigmas is a book that Ilyn Toth attempted to borrow.

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This book is redolent with the enticing smell of paper and ink.


  • Books
  • Rarity: Common
  •  Weight: 0.5 kg / 1 lb
  • Price: 14 gp

Where to find


[Stamps in the endpapers indicate this book was once part of the library of the High Heralds when they occupied Moonrise Towers. The librarian's summary reads as follows.]

Very old scholarly treatise about obscure necromantic tomes and codexes, their mystic and arcane locks, and how to unlock and decipher them.

[At the end, the librarian appended the following note.]

Urgent request from 'researcher' Ilyn Toth to borrow this book officially DENIED. Stated 'casual interest' in the notorious Necromancy of Thay is a clear warning sign that his interest is anything BUT casual.

In any event, this isn't even the book he wants, that's the Tharchiate Codex.