Reflections Upon the Mirror of Loss

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A book providing additional information about Mirror of Loss.

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This book is redolent with the enticing smell of paper and ink.


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  • Rarity: Common
  •  Weight: 0.5 kg / 1 lb
  • Price: 14 gp
  • UID BOOK_UNI_MirrorsOfLoss
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Where to find

On a table in the Gauntlet of SharX: -645 Y: -722


The original purpose of the sacred mirror has been lost to the ages. Some suppose that it was the result of Telamont Tanthul’s attempts to delve into the Shadowfell itself, in the time before the folly of his master, Karsus. Others claim it only became an object of devotion after the fall of Netheril, when the loss-stricken survivors of the floating cities found comfort in Lady Shar’s embrace.

What is certain is that many of the Nightsinger’s faithful claim to feel some echo of her power and majesty when in the presence of the mirror, even though it is shattered. They are often said to feel lesser once they step away from the mirror, hence the name it has become commonly known by.

Our scholars continue to study it, but alas, its true nature may continue to elude us. Perhaps if the Dark Lady indulges us, she shall reveal another of these holy relics for us, so that we may feel the full power of her embrace.


  • Telamont Tanthul was a powerful Netherese archmage and the ruler of Thultanthar, a Netherese city that was lost in Shadowfell for a thousand years. Its residents became known as Shadovar and they accepted the ways of shadow magic.