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Shar, also known as the Nightsinger, is the Goddess of Darkness and Loss.


I am nothing. I am the empty room. The dreamless sleep. The shadow's shadow. There was no pain before my sister set the sun aflame. Now you exist to suffer until you find your way back to my embrace.
Shar on existence

Overview[edit | edit source]

Shar is the twin sister and enemy of Selûne Selûne and the patron deity of Shadowheart Shadowheart. She is associated with the domains of Death and Trickery. Shar cannot be the deity of a custom player Cleric.

Church of Shar[edit | edit source]

Ranks of the Church of Shar from highest to lowest:

Dark Justiciars[edit | edit source]

Dark Justiciars are elite warriors of Shar, who were gifted with supernatural abilities and carried out her will throughout Faerûn. There are very few living Dark Justiciars remaining in Baldur's Gate 3; the vast majority appear as a race of Undead creatures, serving the Lady of Loss in death.

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

Book Tome Y Unfaded.png

Shar will take your sorrow from you

But beware: her night is dark.

She'll hide your pain, and secrets too.

And all your joy, and all your spark.
A is for Azuth, and other Gods XI

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Only Shadowheart can have Shar as a deity.
  • Shar was available as a deity for non-Shadowheart player character Clerics in Early Access, but the option was cut in the full release of the game.

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