Resonance Stone

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This unique and weird looking stone grants euphoria to all who bask in its glory, but all things come at a cost.

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This stone gives you and those around you the Steeped in Bliss condition. Resonance Stones heighten emotion in those who stand within their radius.



Everyone within AoE: 9 m / 30 ft (Radius) gains Steeped in Bliss Steeped in Bliss.

Condition: Steeped in Bliss

Steeped in Bliss Steeped in Bliss

Where to find

Found in a small area south-west of Necrotic Laboratory in the Mind Flayer Colony near the Mind-Archive Interface [X: 692, Y: -114]. This area is only accessible after having defeated Ketheric Thorm on top of Moonrise Towers.


  • You and your companions will remark on the stone's effect, noting that they suddenly feel happier when gaining the condition or realizing that it was only psionic manipulation when they lose it.
  • The aura will not affect nearby undead or constructs.
  • It sometimes ceases to function once you leave Act 2. This may be a bug.