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Resting is a gameplay mechanic used to restore lost hit points and depleted resources.

Rests can be either long or short. Long rests restore all lost hit points and spent resources, whereas short rests restore a limited amount of hit points, and a smaller variety of resources.

Long rest[edit | edit source]

Starting a long rest at camp

Long rests are primarily taken at camp and restore the following:

Partial rest[edit | edit source]

Taking a long rest passes the night, and costs 40 (80 in tactician or honour difficulty) camp supplies. If the party lacks the required supplies, they may instead take a partial rest, which restores the following:

  • Restore hit points up to half of their maximum.
  • Restore resources up to half of the character's maximum, rounded down.
    • This includes class-specific resources such as spell slots, Ki Points, and Superiority Dice.
  • Refreshes cooldowns, including items, and class features like Song of Rest or Portent and most illithid powers.
    • Luck of the Far Realms is not restored as it costs a hidden resource you only have a max one of, which gets rounded down to 0.

Short rests are not restored when performing a partial long rest.

Many origin, companion and camp follower interactions will occur when long resting. Long rests can also advance certain time-sensitive content.

Short rest[edit | edit source]

Twice per long rest, the party can take a short rest, which restores the following:

Characters in your camp who are not currently in your party do not benefit from a short rest.[Needs Verification]

Additional Types[edit | edit source]

There are additional features ingame which function similarly to taking a rest;

  • The level 2 Bard feature Song of Rest Song of Rest functions as a short rest.
  • Potion of Angelic Reprieve functions as a short rest (in addition to recovering all expended 1 Level 1 Spell Slots.png and 1 Level 2 Spell Slots.png Spell Slots), if the character consuming it is left asleep, uninterrupted, for 2 turns.
  • Potion of Angelic Slumber functions as a long rest, if the character consuming it is left asleep, uninterrupted, for 2 turns.
  • Divine Intervention: Opulent Revival Divine Intervention: Opulent Revival restores the party as if they took a long rest, revives any downed party members, and can even be used in combat. However, any form of Divine Intervention can only be used once per character in the entire game.
  • Using a Restoration Pod found aboard the Nautiloid in the prologue or the Mindflayer colony in Act Two, or the boudoir in the House of Hope in Act Three will restore the party as if they took a long rest, without ending relevant effects like Goodberry Goodberry or Elixirs.