Staggering Smite

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Staggering Smite is a level 4 evocation spell. This spell is only available for NPCs. It allows spellcasters to cause their weapon to attack their victims minds with Damage TypesPsychic damage as they strike. It cannot be learned by players and is only used by NPCs.


Possibly Stagger Stagger your target. It can't take reactions and is more likely to miss.


Cost on hit
Bonus action
Normal weapon damage
D6 Psychic.png 4d6 (4~24) Damage TypesPsychic damage
Attack roll
WIS Save
 Range: Normal weapon range

At higher levels

Casting this spell at a higher level grants no additional benefit.

Condition: Staggering Smite

Staggering Smite Staggering Smite

Duration: 1 turn

Wisdom saving throw

How to learn


  • This is normally a Paladin spell but Paladins don't get 4th level spells in BG3.